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Google Image Algorithm Update

News that Google has updated their image algorithm is blowing SEO consultants minds!

There are 3 new image ranking factors to add to the list. From now on your images position on the page, the prominence to the viewer and the authority of the site as a whole count toward ranking higher.

Along with this Google is now ranking fresher images over older ones. Google have also recently added copyright meta data to images on Google search.

Time for all web masters to review their image strategy...

Friday 28th Sep 2018

Results of adding ShareThis to my website.

I installed ShareThis to my website this week with some pleasent and surprising results.

I am very happy too see that visitors have already started to share my website content. Excellent news!

Thats great you say! Well look at these statistics from ShareThis account

As you can see more than 50% of my shares are from people actually copying my content. I feel concerned as to why they are doing this.

It is either simply for research or for more devious schemes such as duplicating my content elsewhere and palming it off as their own!

I will be keeping a closer eye on my ShareThis account now and will be actively checking CopyScape for duplicate content. If this is you copying my content then please let me know what you are doing with it... Thanks

Friday 21st Sep 2018

Google News Update

This guy is a great follow as he keeps up to date with Google and other search engines.

This week Rusty Brick covers recent issues with Google search and how Google broke this week showing no results,

He also explains why Google paid $20K this week to buy a link! Going against there own guideline. And find out why Google are blocking EU members from content due to GDPR!

Saturday 15th Sep 2018

What is local keyword research?

The main difference between local and national keyword research is simply that you are targeting a location such as you city, town or county along with your business service or product. So there are two things to consider and to connect in some way.

With local keyword research you need to learn about your area. If you are a computer technician then you may mention shops locally to buy parts for computers or at least mention on your webpages that you have worked alongside local businesses or institutions....

Friday 7th Sep 2018

Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines

I am currently half way through reading and absorbing the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines released by Google in July 2018. ( been busy:)

The first 80 pages are fairly boring but they do enlighten us as to exactly what Google see as high quality content and how they view low quality content.

Low quality content simply does not answer the user query and the content would be deceiving, just money making from adverts or even malicious. You could feel tricked by visiting this type of website.

High quality content is characterised by answering the users query well and there must have been time, effort and skill put into the content. Original and informative hit the top spot for quality.

I will bring you more on this document as I digest!

Tuesday 4th Sep 2018

How to become a local community player!

Local online marketing is crucial and many local businesses would do well to think about how to increase their status in the immediate community. Here are a few angles to try which could form part of your local marketing strategy.

Firstly you could work with local charities to increase your brands presence and your business reputation.

Or why not host local events for clients on your premises such as themed evenings to promote new products.

A great way to become a local player is to carry out local community work with schools as you get to meet a lot of parents this way!

Lastly why not find local businesses you can partner and organise events together and things to do locally for potential clients.

Friday 31st Aug 2018

The Future of SEO in 2019

The aim of SEO in 2019 will be all about just one thing... and that is simply answering the searchers query!

This will take some effort on your behalf by creating the best content and the best resources that the searcher will find a cut above the rest and yes that means better than the top resources on page 1.

Thursday 30th Aug 2018

How to hire an SEO professional - by Google

Many clients that speak to me have had many bad experiences with SEO companies and SEO packages.

Here Google explains which SEO consultant to hire and why!

Wednesday 29th Aug 2018

Tip of the day!

keep creating great content and make it better than all your competitions content.
Too many people are spending money and time on backlinks, when their content is terrible!...

If you offer a service, add lots of information about what your services solve and title sub sections with keywords that people are looking for....End Rant!

Tuesday 28th Aug 2018

3 Ways To Find Keywords

1) Google Keyword Planner

2) Google Search Console

3) Keyword Spider

Saturday 25th Aug 2018