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Do You Need Local SEO?

If you do not carry out SEO for your website then customers will not find you!

If you use local organic SEO to invite your community to engage with your local business, soon everyone will be having a fun time.

Its as simple as that really. You may as well not have a website unless you do!
Sunday 19th Aug 2018

Should You Be Link Building In 2018?

Link building is the process of naturally earning links from other websites.

Earning natural links directly improve the reputation of a website and where it ranks in Google,

Self-made links are risky and come with them the risk of penalisation by the Google webspam team.

Link building can be a very risky strategy in 2018, and one that I would avoid until you have at least first dealt with the inevitable content quality issues on your website.
Monday 13th Aug 2018

10 Local SEO Lists To Make Before You Start!

Before creating landing pages for each town you wish to target, make a list as below to truly get the best from each location...

1) Every major city or town served

2) Every service offered

3) Most typical type of client

4) Most typical client requests or needs and questions

5) Services, tips, or advice that are unique to each city (such as different requirements based on laws, weather, terrain, style, precautions, codes, etc)

6) Types of satisfaction guarantees offered Specials offered

7) Why the business is better than its competitors

8) Who those competitors are

9) Participation in or support of local events, teams and organizations

10) Keywords that target your locations and business

Monday 13th Aug 2018

All Business Owners Should E-A-T Their Websites

There is a reason why you should E-A-T your website. Firstly the E stands for Expert, the A for Authority and T for Trust.

To fulfill the E criteria means you need to show you have the appropriate credentials for the business your offer.

Authority is attained by the quality of your websites content and the online conversation it drives

Lastly the T takes time and can only be driven by lasting relationships with visitors and customers alike. Trust also comes from the feel of your website and whether or not is is written well.
Saturday 11th Aug 2018

NHS Hit By Google Medic update

The recent Medic update has caused a 42% drop in rankings for many health websites.

Surprisingly the NHS has taken a 17% drop in rankings over the last week. Along with, and many others where crippled by this update.

The NHS has flagged up as not as much as an authority as was once thought. This update was aimed at websites with non-authority health advice and has hit many quacks.
Friday 10th Aug 2018

Are You Keyword Stuffing Your Webpages?

Many people are still stuffing their webpages with keywords and many are not aware that this is against Google guidelines. Here are the main 3 issues Google will pull you on...

1) Lists of phone numbers without substantial added value

2) Blocks of text listing cities and states a webpage is trying to rank for

3) Repeating the same words or phrases so often that it sounds unnatural.

So beware of these practices and research more keywords that are relevant to your business.
Friday 10th Aug 2018

Google Medic Update

Last week Google starting to roll out a core update to the search algorithm. This update has since been dubbed the Medic Update as it seems to have badly affected a great deal of medical and health related websites. Google say the rollout is complete and we are still waiting for the dust to settle!
Thursday 9th Aug 2018

Do Not Start a New Website!

UNTIL YOU READ THIS.... Before starting a brand new website you will need to consider search optimisation and how well it can be applied to your website content management system. Websites that are custom written will rank far better than many CMS systems such as WordPress. A WIX website can rank on Google and Bing but you lack full control. More on this topic soon.
Thursday 9th Aug 2018

Optimize for Google My Business

Local search optimisation certainly starts with Google My Business. GMB is completely free to use with a Google account and allows you to add your business to Google Search and Maps
Thursday 9th Aug 2018