SEO Tips For Local Business

These 11 local seo tips for small business owners are the most important ranking techniques that can be used for any location or service based local business. The SEO tips below forms the bases of a very strong local business website.

You may think these tips are simple! Exactly right, yet they have the more effect on SEO than anything else...

1) Include target location and business type in Title

The very first element that Google, Bing and other search engines look at is the Title of your page. Lets say you run an Local SEO business that targets small business customers in London then your title needs to include London in the title.

The same rule applies to your business type. Simply add your service description to the Title of the page along with your target town. For instance in this example my title may look like this: 'SEO Services For Small Business In London'.

A page title should contain your best keywords and read well but must not be any more than around 65 characters long.

2) Include target town and business service in Meta Description

Your meta description needs to reflect and enhance the Title of the page. This means you need to include the town or city your business is in and your business service type.

Just like the Title of your page the Meta Description should go something like this: 'SEO Services for small businesses in London. Give me a call for a free quote.' for my example. The Meta description needs to entice the user in so do not forget to add a call to action line at the end such as 'Give me a call for a free quote.'!

The Meta Description is often what you see on the search results pages and it sits under the Title of the link. Search engine can also pull text from your webpage for different search phrases so it will not always be used.

Your Meta Description must not be any more than 170 characters in length.

3) Include target town and business type in H1

The H1 heading of a page is the next most important element to include on your website as this adds a structural heading and shows as a large title on the page itself.

Just like your page Meta Description the H1 element needs to reflect your page Title yet remain fairly short. A great heading for an SEO in London would be 'SEO Services In London'. Remember that all Headings such as H1 need to be followed by an explanatory paragraph or two.

4) Include target town and business in H2 and H3

The same principal is to be used in the H2 and H3 of your pages. In my example of an SEO I would maybe create an H2 sub heading with the text of 'Advantages of SEO' and in the H3 sub heading I may put something like 'London SEO Techniques'.

You can see how I have used both the business type and location for these headings but do not use them together.

This method helps determine topic focus for the following paragraphs after the H2 and H3

5) Include target town and business type in first paragraph

Including an explanation of your services within the first paragraph is very important along with your location again.

This re-enforces the relevance of your page and allows you to add varying search phrases to your content which people are searching for.

You should aim to create at least 500-1000 words on each page of readable relevant content.

6) Make sure your address is on the website.

Making sure your business name, address and telephone number is on the website is a crucial step in creating trust which is one of the factors Google and the like will be looking for when assigning your website authority.

Your NAP ( name, address + telephone ) on your website will in time be used for local directory listings and therefore needs to be consistent eveywhere.

7) Add Business Type and Location to Image Descriptions

Having a few images on your local business website will help keep users longer on your website.

However there is a more important SEO reason for having images and that is that Google and Bing will crawl them and add them to the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).

Using the Image ALT Tag in code with descriptive text of the image along with naming your files properly key-phrased adds a big advantage to your SEO.

For example as an SEO in London I might have an image of my business office on my website with the ALT tag description text of 'SEO Services in London City For Small Local Business'. You see that this is descriptive - NOT just stuffed keywords!!

8) Create a GMB listing

After creating your location service page you will need to spread the local word. First stop is Google My Business which is a service that is free and allows you to show locally on searches and on Google Maps.

Also the GMB service allows you to create a free website along with many other very good ways to promote your website.

9) Add your business to Yell

Yell Has always been a trusted local directory and is a fundamental part of your local business success.

Again this directory is free and has significant authority. If you miss Yell you will miss a lot of clients. Also though you get a link back to your website and a full NAP listing.

Great news as Yell has teamed up with Apple Maps and now you listing will show on Apple devices locally too!

10) Create a Brownbook Listing

Now some SEO professionals will say I am giving away too much information now! This is because since the demise of the DMOZ directory Brownbook has taken its place in my eyes.

Adding your website is free and you can add as many sites as you like. Make sure you fill the details in correctly to match with your NAP.

11) Submit to the Central Index

Heres another secret most SEO Pros will not tell you and that is the Central Index. This free listings management website feeds many UK newspaper directories online.

Gettting listed in the Central Index does require a text message being sent to you, this confirms you are who you say you are and adds trust to these listings.

Once listed your website details will appear in Scoot, Touch Local, The Sun, The Independent, The Evening Standard, The Mirror, The Daily Record and Ask Jeeves.

Obviously this is just a start for local seo projects but it is very important to have these steps complete before anything.

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