Are you a small business owner in the county of Magherafelt seeking to gain more online customers, conversions and sales from your local business website? Want to reach out to more locals?

Hi, my name is James Jenkins, a professional local search engine optimisation expert. I have been ranking websites in the top ten search results on Google, Bing & Yahoo for more than 20 years (before Google).

Sound interesting? This website will help your local Magherafelt online business website succeed online using only White Hat Google Safe local SEO tactics!

Advantages of Magherafelt local Website SEO

Since the mobile revolution, prospective customers have been Googling local Magherafelt services, products and events more than ever before!

The importance and perhaps the dependency of local internet marketing has for your small business website is immense.

Organic local website visitors are worth a fortune to your business. Whether as an extension of your current business venture or as an online connection to more customers.

Local SEO is essential if you are in pursuit of local community business.

What I can do for you!

I don't live in Magherafelt but I know seo and rank webpages across the UK for small local businesses like yours!

By reading this website you will learn Hyper Local SEO tactics you can use right across Magherafelt and the UK, in cities such as

I have gained a great deal of service based business SEO knowledge and skill with regard to small town and city localised website search optimisation.

I will teach you leave no stone unturned in diagnosing and implementing the best innovative SEO solutions for your local business.

Carry out local SEO citation building for your business website. Develop keyword and competitor research techniques appropriately for your business and perform diagnostics on your website.
SEO Results
Notice: in the image above that the click through rate from Google is very high. This means more customers!

5 Top Things This Site Will Show You.

  1. Gain High rankings for your Magherafelt local business website on Google, Yahoo & Bing
  2. Create consistent and qualified traffic to your website
  3. Increase leads and customers from your website
  4. Maximise online revenue streams via phone calls, emails, social contacts and sales
  5. Develop brand visibility and awareness

Magherafelt SEO Strategy

Local Search Engine Optimisation firstly involves making sure that your Magherafelt website is optimised correctly in code and validates against W3C web standards. The HTML code beneath your website must contain your location, description and microdata tags or your backlink building efforts are a waste and very expensive!

All the information that tells the search engines what your business is and who you are, as well as where you are is written into the underlying HTML, on the webpages themselves.

After this your website must contain the right keywords and phrases in an easily read manner. These words and phrases are the key to your SEO. If you use the wrong words then we get the wrong website visitors. Keyword research is vital in Magherafelt and Magherafelt to truly help your business compete locally.

I can carry out custom keyword research for any keywords in Magherafelt and can build custom software for your niche or simply create reports for your selected keywords.

Now you can set to work on local search engine and social network optimisation. This step includes identifying social networks that are usefull for your business and setting up social network pages, building tags into your website pages and making it socially compliant.

Build sitemaps, RSS Feeds and setup analytics so you can keep track of visitors to your website. I can help find local influencers and networks for your business to help continually develop your local influence socially in Magherafelt.

I also reach out to many local places such as Limavady, Craigavon, Ballymoney, dungannon, antrim, ballymena and cookstown