Getting Started With C#

This guide will help you get started with Microsoft Visual Studio and C#. Easy to understand, simple first steps to writing your first program.

Download Visual Studio Community Edition 2019 - FREE Download Here

Run the Downloaded file and you will see the next screen - make sure you select the option for .Net Desktop development under the Desktop and Mobile section.

C# Installer

Make sure C# is selected and continue to install Visual Studio.

Create Your first program

Once Microsoft Visual Studio has installed along with C# you will be able to launch the application. You will be presented with the following screen.

Create Your first program

Select Create A New Project from the options above and click next.

Create Your first C# program

Select Console App (C#) .Net Core from the options and click next.

Name your project hello world

Name your project Hello World and click create. You will then see the code below.

c# hello world

Check your code matches the image above and press F5. You will see a console application start up and display Hello World.
Press any key to exit.
Now go into Visual Studio and change the words from Hello World to something different and pess F5 again.
Well done. Now give me a call and we can move you onto the next stage.

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