Local SEO Craigavon

One of the first places to start in carrying out local SEO in Craigavon, Craigavon, is with competitor research, so I surveyed 70,000 UK local websites!

local seo for Craigavon business

The Town of Craigavon has a population of around 64000 people which makes up for 0.105% of the total UK population. The local business websites that Craigavon have on the web, make up for around 0.027% of the UK total local websites.

Good News! competition online in Craigavon is Very Low!

There is still room for new websites and improvements from local businesses as Craigavon is lagging behind nationally with search engine optimisation. Not many are doing keyword research in Craigavon.

Small business Local Search Engine Optimisation in Craigavon could be a much simpler process than you may have been told.

To get you started and to make sure your SEO in Craigavon is on the right path, I wrote an article for beginners with the most important top local seo tips, please take a look.

Please take a look around and make sure you read my home page as it contains a lot of information on SEO to help you.

Competitive Craigavon Industries

I also discovered the most active online industries in Craigavon and have built a short list below, starting at the hardest inustry to compete against locally.

1) Web site design
2) Photographers wedding
3) Fork lift trucks
4) Glaziers
5) Shirt makers
6) Health and safety products
7) Car breakers
8) Boarding kennels and catteries
9) Clothing wholesalers
10) Solar energy equipment

These are the most competitive business types in Craigavon and indicate how much SEO work is needed to rank in these industries.

However just because an industry is very competitive does not mean their SEO is effective.

Craigavon Influencers

A great way to improve your SEO is to create local connections, so i have compiled a list most influential people in and around Craigavon, Craigavon. This list does change and so its worth checking it out once in a while. Use this list to help build your local business in Craigavon.

local influencer marketing Craigavon

@xTweetyBird_xx Pauline Duffy...... in Craigavon, United Kingdom
Mum to 3 amazing little people, oldest son has autism, I. to tweet! Bride to be.. I . Shopping.. Make up..Clothes.. Shoes.. Baking.. Disney.. Sparkles..& Food..

@TheOGInfinity Clayton . in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Competitive COD Player for .. 2 events (1..) Working with @BelongCraigavon @ChlocyYT ..

@MoyPark Moy Park in Craigavon, Northern Ireland
Moy Park is one of the UKs top 15 food companies, Northern Irelands largest private sector business and one of Europes leading poultry producers.

@SouthernHSCT Southern Trust We provide health and social care services to around 365,712 people across Armagh, Dungannon, Craigavon, Banbridge, Newry and Mourne.

@abcb_council ABCB Council Welcome to Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Councils official Twitter page with all the latest news, events & jobs. Facebook https://t.co/XxmXuxPM0f

@paddyhoey paddyhoey in Merseyside People's Republic
Journalist and lecturer. Craigavon/ Lismore Comprehensive/ Celtic FC/ Armagh GAA. Adopted Scouser. New book is available at: https://t.co/CTeIVhpciK

@CCMcCusker123 Colin McCusker in Levaghery
Business Dev Manager for @Musgraveplc . Was Craigavons last Mayor. Love steam trains, Glenavon FC, drums & follow Liverpool FC

@lismorecomp Lismore Comp in Craigavon
Lismore Comprehensive School Drumgask, Craigavon, Co Armagh. Tel: 028 38314950 Fax: 028 38314966 Principal: Mrs F Kane

@horner_marc Geordie_Cosmos. in Craigavon, Northern Ireland
Toon born and bred NUFC fan follow the Cosmos. X Nissan prisoner. Father to 2 young men, hen pecked husband, miss my best friend dearly my dad RIP.

@KSFC2012 knockmenagh swifts in craigavon Northen Ireland
Knockmenagh Swifts are a cross community football club based in Craigavon with both teams competing in the Mid Ulster Football League

@mc_atamney031 Gerard in Craigavon, Northern Ireland
...need to know something. .. ask...Just patiently waiting on that lottery win.... lucky to have found that special someone! lifes good. hurrah !!

@PlayingftFuture PlayingfortheFuture in Northern Ireland
Community Interest Company here to benefit the community through sport. Proud organisers of @thecraigavoncup @femuylacademy @midulsterYA

@CraigavonTC Craigavon TC made up of Trade Union Activists from the Craigavon, Lurgan, Portadown,Banbridge area

@Dwiz92 Dwayne- Andrew Kerr in Craigavon,N. Ireland, UK
Mr. Northern Ireland 2014/2015 | | Instagram: Dwiz92 | | Snapchat: Dwiz92 | | Owner & Videographer @ Watts Kerr Media

@iPattiCrampton Patricia T. Crampton in Craigavon, United Kingdom
Former Eagle. AB Meco 2007. MBA 2009. Mom. +AMDG+

@BigSighZ400 Simon I Caulfield in Craigavon, Northern Ireland
Leeds Utd, Triathlon, Astronomy, Wine, not necessarily in the correct order.....

@TLarkham Thomas Larkham in Craigavon, Co Armagh
Live in Craigavon//SDLP activist/@UPPERBANNSDLP Chair//Community activist// All views are my own etc

@BelongCraigavon Belong Craigavon in Craigavon, Northern Ireland
The official Twitter account for Belong Craigavon! Follow us for news on our gaming events and activities. Join the #Kestrels today! #BelongArenas

@CamoMcc cameron mccartan in Craigavon

@BelladonnaBlac1 BellaDonna Black in Craigavon, Northern Ireland
....*Honorary Flower Of YouTube* .... - Creepy Pasta Narrator - Follow my other account @NightshadeDead1 for Horror Film and Game reviews

Organic Social SEO Craigavon

I monitor all Twitter users in Craigavon and have created the above section to allow you to find the best people in Craigavon and Craigavon to follow and interact with.

Use this list to find Top Social Media Influencers to boost your organic SEO in Craigavon. Connect with people in your community and build your Craigavon business.

Engage with influential people in Craigavon rather than your target market as a whole. Identify the people that have influence over potential clients then orientate your marketing activities toward these influencers. More articles coming soon!

Checkout the social influencers in places nearby such as; Newtownabbey, Magherafelt, Castlereagh, Belfast, Cookstown, Antrim, Newry, Dungannon, Lisburn and Armagh

Using local Craigavon Social Networks is a great way to leave your business card wherever you go and it does not take long, just a few minutes a day will do.

Top Craigavon Searches

I am currently building a database of Craigavon SEO keywords people actually search for. Here are some I have found so far...

1) Car breakers craigavon
2) Weather craigavon
3) Bbc weather craigavon

Local SEO Audits

More coming soon!