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One of the first places to start in carrying out local SEO in Buxton, Derbyshire, is with competitor research, so I surveyed 70,000 UK local websites!

local seo for Buxton business

The Town of Buxton has a population of around 22000 people which makes up for 0.036% of the total UK population. The local business websites that Buxton have on the web, make up for around 0.021% of the UK total local websites.

Good News! competition online in Buxton is Very Low!

There is still room for new websites and improvements from local businesses as Buxton is lagging behind nationally with search engine optimisation. Not many are doing keyword research in Buxton.

Small business Local Search Engine Optimisation in Buxton could be a much simpler process than you may have been told.

To get you started and to make sure your SEO in Buxton is on the right path, I wrote an article for beginners with the most important top local seo tips, please take a look.

Please take a look around and make sure you read my home page as it contains a lot of information on SEO to help you.

Competitive Buxton Industries

I also discovered the most active online industries in Buxton and have built a short list below, starting at the hardest inustry to compete against locally.

1) Opticians dispensing
2) Construction contractors
3) Travel agents
4) Artists and illustrators
5) Hospitals
6) Machine shops
7) Alternative medicine
8) Hypnotherapists
9) Lingerie and hosiery
10) Shoe shops

These are the most competitive business types in Buxton and indicate how much SEO work is needed to rank in these industries.

However just because an industry is very competitive does not mean their SEO is effective.

Buxton Influencers

A great way to improve your SEO is to create local connections, so i have compiled a list most influential people in and around Buxton, Derbyshire. This list does change and so its worth checking it out once in a while. Use this list to help build your local business in Buxton.

local influencer marketing Buxton

@BuxtonOpHouse Buxton Opera House in Buxton, Derbyshire
Opera House & Pavilion Arts Centre. One of Britains leading receiving theatres, we present around 450 performances each year. Tweets by Emma, Kerry and Helen

@thecharleslloyd thecharleslloyd in Buxton
Love life in #Buxton #Derbyshire Blog https://t.co/77yqraF8MQ Can Be Found https://t.co/sIvg2DBThX, @TheCLRadio #GoogleMaps & https://t.co/luJlLlDnTp

@buxtonfringe Buxton Fringe in Buxton, Derbyshire
Held every July, Buxton Fringe is a vibrant open access arts festival for all ages #music #theatre #comedy #dance #film #spokenword #art #streettheatre and more

@GardensBuxton Pavilion Gardens in Buxton, Derbyshire
The Pavilion Gardens is a wonderful historic venue situated in the heart of Buxton. A great day out for all the family

@VisitBuxtonSpa Visit Buxton Spa in Buxton Spa , Derbyshire
Guide to the latest news , developments and updates from the town of Buxton Spa , in the heart of the Peak District . ~ Tweeting & ReTweeting with #BuxtonSpa

@TheCLRadio thecharleslloyd in Buxton, Derbyshire, England
Will be back soon. In the meantime Directing @moonquest2018. #moonquest You can also keep up with #thecharleslloyd on https://t.co/luJlLlDnTp

@Buxton_Weather BuxtonWeather in Buxton, Derbyshire, UK
Weather updates for Buxton, Derbyshire, UK - please spread the word and RT. This Twitter account has no affiliation with http://t.co/28Oxw491DQ

@alison23761284 ALISON #RedSquirrelFightsBack in Sunny Buxton Derbyshire
living in a world thats feeling a bit like the past, but looking to the future and concentrating on keeping myself from the grave. Believe me cancer kills!!!..

@BuxtonHitmen Buxton Hitmen in Buxton, Derbyshire
Founded 1994. Currently race in the British National League CL KO Cup Winners 2002; NL CHAMPIONS, NL KO Cup Winners & NL Trophy Winners 2010

@Bradburyscheese Bradburys Cheese in Buxton, Derbyshire
Largest Independent Cheese business in the UK. Started in 1884, we supply/pack over 400 different cheeses into UK retail, foodservice and export customers.

@Phil_Bramley Phil Bramley in Chesterfield, England
Group Editor: Derbyshire Times, Matlock Mercury, Buxton Advertiser, Mansfield Chad, Ashfield Chad, Worksop Guardian Views all my very own

@discoverbuxton Discover Buxton in Buxton England
History and heritage tours in Buxton Derbyshire. Guided walks and tram rides. Tweets from the conductor at Tram HQ

@JeanBall1 Jean Ball MIPM in Buxton, Derbyshire, UK
Place Manager, creator of wonderful events, Town Team Advisor, trainer, resilient multitasker, ireverant, worried about the environment.

@jorjalana lana cole in uk
Live life 2 the full n be happy with who u r :) never give up on your dreams working mum/singer/dancer/acter/from South wales uk. now lives in buxton derbyshire

@CavGC Cavendish Golf Club in Buxton, Derbyshire, UK
Cavendish opened in 1925 & was designed by Dr Alister MacKenzie.The most authentic MacKenzie-designed course in the World and the Inspiration for Augusta.

@Melissa_TMScrap Melissa in Buxton, Derbyshire
Scrap metal industry. Reclamation dealer. TV Treasure hunter - Starring in BBC1s Flipping Profit S1. FB page https://t.co/fO9uS9JYAd

@DawseDCFC Craig in Buxton, Derbyshire
#DCFC #DCCC 17/08/15 ..

@nigenet Nigel Moss in Buxton, Derbyshire, UK
PHP developer. Prog bass player for @FulaMusic. Occasional solo dabblings. #RPMChallenge participant. Opinions my own, unless you share them, then they are ours

@PeangThaiCoffee Peang Thai Coffee in Buxton, England
Single origin Thai Arabica Coffee, direct trade from Doi Phahee, Chiang Rai, Thailand. Freshly hand roasted by @buxtonroastery in Derbyshire UK

@nash_ellie Ell Nash in Buxton, Derbyshire

Organic Social SEO Buxton

I monitor all Twitter users in Buxton and have created the above section to allow you to find the best people in Buxton and Derbyshire to follow and interact with.

Use this list to find Top Social Media Influencers to boost your organic SEO in Buxton. Connect with people in your community and build your Buxton business.

Engage with influential people in Buxton rather than your target market as a whole. Identify the people that have influence over potential clients then orientate your marketing activities toward these influencers. More articles coming soon!

Checkout the social influencers in places nearby such as; Crewe, Swinton, Uttoxeter, Irlam, Pendlebury, Alfreton, Prestwich, Belper, Eccles and Urmston

Using local Buxton Social Networks is a great way to leave your business card wherever you go and it does not take long, just a few minutes a day will do.

Top Buxton Searches

I am currently building a database of Buxton SEO keywords people actually search for. Here are some I have found so far...

1) Pest control buxton

Local SEO Audits

More coming soon!