Advanced C# Training Online

The advanced C# planned course has been Created for C# developers who already fully understand concepts within the beginners C# course.

You will develop skills and understanding in advanced C# concepts and patterns and gain advanced object orientated programming skills.

This advanced C# course is delivered to you at your convenience as payments are made per hour. So no matter your pace you will acheive full understanding of each topic.

I am available to teach this course to anyone within the UK. Please get in touch to have a free consultation and see how I can help.

Advanced C# Course Outline

Object Oriented Programming



Understand the Purpose of Interfaces
Define an Interface
Use an Interface
Multiple Inheritance using Interfaces

Abstract Classes

Overview of Abstract Classes
Programming with Abstract Classes
Comparison of Abstract classes and Interfaces

Value Type and Reference Types

Memory allocation in .NET
Overview of Stack and Heap
Value type and reference types in C#

Casting, Boxing and Unboxing

Implicit & Explicit Casting
Boxing and Unboxing in C#

Operator Overloading

Understand Operator Overloading
Overloadable Operators


Indexers in C#
Comparison between Indexers and Properties


Using Pre-defined Attributes
Developing Custom Attributes

Debugging Techniques

Stepping through the code
The Debugging Tool Windows

Delegates & Events

Understand What a Delegate Is
Understand What an Event Is
Implement Delegates
Fire Events

Collections & Generics

Understand Generics
Creating Generic List Collections
Working with Dictionary


Introduction and Concepts
Join and Sleep
How Threading Works
Creating and starting Threads
Passing Data to a Thread

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