Who Am I?

James Jenkins SEO

Hi, I live in a often overlooked town called Saltash in Cornwall, which is just across the Tamar Bridge coming from Plymouth in Devon.

My experience with Local SEO has developed over the years. Having helped communites reach out locally I know how daunting it can be to launch and succeed with a local business online.

I am a professional Microsoft programmer with over 20 years experience writing software, websites and carying out SEO for my private ventures along with freelance work.

I truly enjoy search engine optimisation and especially when helping local business and seeing the results they get.

My History & Credentials

Many years ago I partook in a phsycometric which deamed me an ideal candidate for a librarian...

I started creating websites in 1997! I had some software that I had written and started selling online for the first time. Most of my sales came via news groups and links from other websites. SEO was new and no-where near as important as creating connections via communities online.

In 2005 i became CompTia A+ certified and was then working part time repairing computers. Mostly ridding viruses from old Windows systems. I was still building websites, for friends and family and also had a fair few freelance jobs. I would not recommend this work!

Around the same time I developed a software download website ( Software Dungeon ) and became an MCP in C#. This is when SEO became serious to me and I was now earning a very good wage from Google Ads. Google had hijacked all the old news groups and converted them to Google Groups. Things had changed and now SEO was the only way.

Over the years I have been guiding search engine optimisation for e-commerce companies, bloggers and local business. It is helping local businesses 'get up the Google' which really gets me going!

I have recently become certified for Google Analytics and am furthering my education with Google as a long term strategy.

Google Analytics CertifiedMicrosoft Certified