Are you a small business owner in the UK seeking to gain more online customers and conversions from your local business website? Excellent... So am I.

Hi, my name is James, a professional local search engine optimisation expert offering Local Business SEO Services across the UK.

Sound interesting? I can do this for your local online business website too using local SEO! I have been ranking websites in the top ten search results on Google, Bing & Yahoo for more than 20 years. My method is to closely follow Google Webmaster Guidelines avoiding any worries that your site is breaking any rules.

Local SEO? How does that work?

Local search engine optimisation is used to target your website presence toward a unique geographical region. In many cases this would be your county, city, town or even your neighbourhood parish.

The intention is to drive more visitors to your website locally. This allows you to promote products or services that you offer in that location.

By promoting your online business within the local area your visitors and customers will grow.

Hyper Local SEO is mobile motivated and allows people to find your business using their proximity to your businesses location. Hyper Local is Mobile...

Benefits of local SEO services

Since the mobile revolution, prospective customers have been Googling local services, products and events more than ever before!

The importance and perhaps the dependency of local internet marketing has for your small business website is immense.

Organic local website visitors are worth a fortune to your business. Whether as an extension of your current business venture or as an online connection to more customers.

Local SEO is essential if you are in pursuit of local community business.

What I can do for you!

I have gained a great deal of small business SEO knowledge and skill with regard to small town and city localised website search optimisation.

I work with you, leaving no stone unturned in diagnosing and implementing innovative SEO solutions for your local business.

I carry out local SEO citation building services for your business website. Develop keyword and competitor research techniques appropriately for your business and perform diagnostics on your website.
SEO Results
Notice: in the image above that the click through rate from Google is very high. This means more customers!

5 Top SEO Things I Can Do For You.

  1. Gain High rankings for your local business website on Google, Yahoo & Bing
  2. Create consistent and qualified traffic to your website
  3. Increase leads and customers from your website
  4. Maximise online revenue streams via phone calls, emails, social contacts and sales
  5. Develop brand visibility and awareness

Competitor Keyword Research & Analysis

Competitor research and analysis including how your competitor is gaining back-links and which keywords they are targeting is an extremely important step to gaining the edge on your competitors.

I perform advanced keyword research and can make keyword suggestions that will help your website SEO rankings. If we know what people are searching for then we have the upper hand!

Keyword density analysis and optimisation is a necessary regular step.

Some people are under the impression that keyword density is no longer a factor. The truth of the matter is that keyword density it is VERY important! If we have over optimised our keywords then our site will drop in the SERPS.

Google Analysis & Analytics Integration

Google Analytics allow us monitor the success and helps plan future SEO campaign tactics.

I will integrate Google webmaster tools and monitor them. Use of this information allows us to create more customer conversions.

Webmaster tools from Google and Bing gives the ability to discover more keywords. To find out where your site is appearing in the search engine results page(SERPS) for current keywords.

Heading & Meta Tag optimisation

Having a correct header (HI, H2, H3) flow is a very important readability improvement and is an important factor in search engine optimisation.

Not only are heading tags important but also what follows them. The relevancy of the heading compared to the text or images below them.

HTML Meta tags are still a every important factor for SEO. They suggest to Google what your webpage is about and helps build your website authority.

There are a ton of meta tags which rarely get used even by the best SEO! I employ advanced meta tag optimisation unlike any other.

I use as many as 30 Meta Tags on one webpage which gives you the Google advantage.

Content creation analysis and optimisation

Content optimisation is one of the main ranking factors in Google, Yahoo & Bing. Rather than thinking about content optimisation we should refer to it as top quality topical content creation.

Website content should have been crafted by a professional at your business. However I have learned many techniques that I will train you in to make the content more SEO compatible.

Your website will need killer content. The content on your website needs to out way your competitors in detail, informativeness and should give the user a useful experience.

Citation Building & Google Local Maps Integration

Having your local business in all the top local directories is a must but they also need optimising, I can do that too!

Citations will show your business name, business address and telephone number. All citations should show exactly the same details and is a process that I am a perfectionists at!
Local SEO

Google maps show your customers exactly where you are and allows them to know that you are indeed local. Correctly having your business listed on maps is a first step for any local business.

Hyper Local search engine optimisation

Hyper Local SEO includes outreach to very local people. This is even more central than local SEO where we build relationships online and in person.

With hyper local search optimisation we are targeting the community in which we live. This could be your suburb, small town, or even a street! Rather than a city or county.

Ultra hyper-local SEO could involve reaching out to your very own next door neighbour.

Social Media Marketing

Another angle of SEO is social media marketing (SMM). SMM is the process of building relationships using social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter Implementation

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and many other social media channels are an important way to get your brand seen and they allow you to connect to potential customers.

Selecting social media websites to use for your business needs some consideration. Not all social media networks will suit your business model.

Affordable local SEO

I don't offer cheap local search engine optimisation services as you never you get what you think you paid for!

As a top local seo expert I spend each hour you pay me; researching, scrutinising factors and appropriately executing specific Google approved SEO tactics to your website.

My charges are affordable at £35 per hour. This includes as many keywords as you like! My price covers any kind of SEO that needs to be carried out. I do not charge more or have any hidden charges.

I deliver and dominate Local SEO across the UK. Working with businesses in cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

So get in touch, speak soon!


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