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C# Training - James Jenkins Offering online Microsoft C# developer training to businesses and individuals across the UK.

If you are studying C# at university and require a mentor or coach then I can also help you. I am available for 1-2-1 lessons online and offer hourly sessions or longer term courses. Each of my courses are client driven and tailored to suit the needs of your business.

Customised or pre-planned C# training courses are available for your C# training requirements. 1-2-1 Training is undertaken remotely online using software such as Zoom. So whether your in London, Manchester, Plymouth or Edinburgh there is never a delay in your lessons.

Book from as little as 1 hour sessions up to 4 hour sessions and as often as you like. This is the best way to learn and along with homework you will soon become an experienced programmer.

Training starts from absolute beginner continuing up to professional level. Full object orientated design principles are taught from the beginning and pupils will gain efficient standardised programming skills.

If you would like a free consultation on a custom learning path then please give me a call. I am happy to have a chat and find out more about your aims.

Students will be working with Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition to develop C# applications during the courses. Visual Studio is free software available to download on the Microsoft website.

My approach is friendly, yet focused on training you or your staff to the degree required within each course. After training support is also offered free of charge to all participants.

Having been a freelance developer and C# evangelist for over 20 years my development knowledge is broad and deep. I continually keep myself abreast of changes within the C# and Dotnet environment, learning to apply new syntax and methodologies.

Being a Microsoft C# Certified Professional, I am more than able to help you or your staff reach a professional level.

C# Training Strategy

I teach using the latest version of C# (currently C# version 8, and C# version 9 (coming out late 2020)) and the .NET Framework or .NET Core architectures. So if you are looking to get up to date with C# then give me a call.

I also teach SOLID object orientated principles from beginner level upward and using latest techniques your education will be cutting edge.

Why C#

C# is a leading programming language being used across all industries, including banks. C# has advanced security capability, automated memory management and easy database access.

Developing software primarily using C# (Pronounced 'C Sharp') your business applications will be written using the most modern object orientated programming language around today.

The C# programming language allows code to be written faster and more productively than any other Windows programming language.

If your business model requires it, your software can be deployed to various devices that run the Windows, IOS or Android operating systems using .NET Core or Xamarin.

C# is less complicated to learn than the older C++ so students develop skills quickly in real world scenarios. Your company can utilise C# in desktop applications, websites, mobile apps and even XBOX and HoloLens software. It all starts with C#...

Microsoft Certified C# Developer

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