Beginners C# Training Course

This absolute beginners C# planned course deals with the C# programming language itself.

Created for beginner programmers who want to become Microsoft .NET developers by using C# (C Sharp).

You will develop skills in creating C# code and will learn the .NET Framework and object orientation principles.

This on-site C# course is delivered over two days with each day consisting of five hours of tuition.

I am available to teach this course anywhere within the UK. Please get in touch to find out more.

Beginners C# Course Outline

C# Language Fundamentals

Overview of the C# language
The structure of a C# program
Compiling and running your code
Reading and writing from and to the Console


Understanding data types
Working with numbers
Working with characters and strings
Understanding variable scope
Converting data type

Operators and Expressions

Introduction to operators
Arithmetic operators
Concatenation operators
Comparison operators
Logical operators
Increment and decrement operators
integer and floating point division
Casting (Typecasting)

Decision Making

Using bool in Decision Making
The logical negation operator (!)
Conditional Operators: && and ||
Switch Statements

Using Loops

Introduction of looping
The while loop
The do-while loop
The for loop
The break statement
The continue statement
Nesting loops

Using Arrays

Introduction of Arrays in C#
Initialising the Arrays
Using the foreach loop with Arrays

Using Methods

Introduction of C# Methods
Creating a Method in C#
Calling a Method
Returning value from a Method
Method parameters
Method overloading

Classes and Objects

Introduction of Object and Classes
Creating an Object
Using an Object
Creating a Class
Adding Instance variables
Controlling accessibility
Naming conventions for class members
Adding Constructors
Overloading Constructors
Static Methods, Variables, and Classes


Introduction of Properties
Creating and using Properties
Read-only Properties
Property accessibility

Managing Errors and Exceptions

Introduction of error handling
Catching exceptions
The finally blocks

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