Hi, I’m James, an enthusiastic Microsoft Certified C# Developer and have been developing software since 1997.

I enjoy writing software that pops into my head and have a lot of software, some of which has never been released!

Since 1997 I have worked on contracts for various companies across the Earth. I have been involved in developing software gadgets, from talking animated character software to POP3 clients.

On this website you will find some of the software I have written and new software downloads will be uploaded as I finish them. Hopefully you may find some of the software here useful.

I certified as a Microsoft Certified Developer in 2017. This is something I always wanted to achieve but forever put to one side…

Most of the software on this site does not require installation. This is one of the benefits of Microsoft.NET – You can just pop the files onto your USB stick and off you go. Run from any folder. There are a couple of downloads here that do require an install however.

The software here is free but donations are very welcome and help a lot!

All my software runs on Windows using the Microsoft.NET run-time.
You may encounter a security alert when installing some of my programs, you will need to click on the ‘more info’ link and then click install. I would love to avoid this but it costs to buy a security certificate, sorry.

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